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Work Space Safety is here to assist you in your next carpark project, refreshing the existing markings or marking new layouts. Ensure your clients and workers safety using one of our systems colour coded walkways, designed to attend your work site needs. Keeping your carpark line marking up to date with bright refreshed markings can make a big difference for drivers and pedestrians.

We have a range of products from Road Paint approved by NZTA to the most high quality Epoxies and Polyurethanes Resins.

Workspacesafety.co.nz provide services from small carparks to larger projects improving Health and Safety compliance. The carpark is the first thing your clients and visitors will experience on site. No car park is the same, every site has its specific needs.



How clear are the directional markings like arrows, stops, give ways and other signages on site?

Pedestrians are the most important group on site, make sure to have pedestrian crossings and walkways for compliance.

Accessible car parking for visitors with mobility issues is also crucial for compliance.

Fire escape doors must be clear at all times. Marking the exits with Keep Clear or cross hatches can avoid blockages in case of emergency.



We have a range of products from Road Paint NZTA approved to the most high quality Epoxies and Polyurethane Resins.

Line and marking removals and Blacking out obsolete lines, lettering labels and signage are some options if you need to re-design.

Workspacesafety.co.nz has the solutions for your needs.




Why choose us?

We have a wide range of services and products, from carpark line marking, commercial, supermarkets, and public spaces, factories and warehouses. We are experts in planning ahead providing minimal disruption for your production and clients. If it suits we can work at night, or on the weekends with no additional costs for you.

Our services include:

  • Car park Line Marking - Commercial-Supermarkets, Industrial and private roads.
  • Non slip paint and Resins - Factories, Warehouses, Garages and Workshops.
  • Line and Marking removals and Blacking out.
  • The various resin products are designed to keep its colours much longer for heavy traffic areas, it has resilient chemicals that are commonly applied in factories where forklifts, trucks and areas where heavy traffic volume is high.
  • Handrails for factories, Warehouses and work sites that need to create segregation between pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Car park safety systems. Wheel stops, bollards and speed humps to slow down the traffic.Improve the traffic safety on commercial car parks with to quality hard wear products.

We can provide practical advice in case you are not sure what works best.

3 most common questions:

1-How long the lines will last?

The time the lines will remain visible will depend on traffic volume. In average it lasts 18 months to 24 months. High volume of traffic or heavy vehicles sites that have forklifts, Straddles or big trucks will need constant attention, between 4 to 8 months also depending of traffic volumes.

2-Can I choose Epoxy resin markings for durability?

Epoxies are suitable mainly for concrete surfaces, there are some products now that can be used in asphalt depending on surface preparation. The type of traffic has to be accessed to ensure the correct product choice. Epoxies are also recommended for internal areas, Sunlight will cause the colour to fade.

Polyurethane base resins will be the best option for outdoor coating as it has great resistance to sunlight.

3-Can we use MMA resin indoors?

We do not recommend, MMA has a very strong smell, hight VOC and should be applied where  good ventilation is possible. we only apply this type of product outdoors for H&S purposes where  no one is allowed  near during application and curing time.

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